Tuesday, September 1, 2009

back to school

I started my first day at Cal State Fullerton last Monday and I've been working at my new job for a month now. I've been thinking about what I really want to do when I graduate and seeing as that it's right around the corner I'm testing out my options. So I got a job working as a physical therapist aide, and it's been really great! I work with two therapists and an intern and I've been learning so much! I mainly apply heat and ice pack,s electric stimulation, ultrasound, teach patients how to, and help them, perform their exercises. I also clean a lot and do loads of laundry so when I'm done at night I am pretty much exhausted, and not looking forward to cleaning my own house or do my own piled up laundry. So in addition to a full school schedule and working 20+ hours a week, I've got a lot going right now (hence no blog posts).

But my classes are pretty fun so far. I'm taking Sports Psych, Measurement and Statistics in Kinesiology (still trying to figure out what that exactly means), Pearl of Great Price at the Institute, Intro to Kines, Tennis, Swimming, and History and philosophy of human movement. So by the end of this semester I will have the tennis skills of Maria Sharapova and be a swimming fiend like Dara Torres. Oh yeah and I'm thinking about doing the Athletic Training program, so in addition to physical therapy I'm thinking about that. By the way our mascot is the "Titans" and somehow that translated to an elephant? what?

*I got my hair done today and it feels fabulous. Don't you just love getting yours done too?