Monday, May 26, 2014

A Reason to Blog

We are resurrecting our blog again!  We have had three major things happen to our little Crandallion family in the last month.

1. We welcomed our sweet baby Jane on April 23rd, and now are a family of three

2. We moved to Utah when Jane was only 8 days old (to continue working for the family business)
3. We purchased a home, which is a total fixer upper, and is thus the purpose for our blog revival

Our home is located along the bench in Cottonwood Heights, and we are completely thrilled to start this new project.  We started our project back in December when we purchased the home, and have been working with an architect since.  We currently haven't begun any physical work to the home, but we hope to begin the demo phase next month.

Here are some photos of our home in its current condition. You definitely need to keep an open mind while looking at the pictures, and know that nothing inside or out of the house is going to stay.

Wooden fencing will be put up around this area to give privacy from the street view, also creating a beautiful courtyard patio
Right behind this deck (a bit difficult to see in the picture) is the natural creek that flows through our backyard, it runs three months out of the year and is our most favorite feature of the house

Top floor, will be completely removed to open up the house
Top floor, living room, will become a casual dining room and small sitting area
Top floor, deck off the living room and master bedroom, will be completely replaced
Top floor, the area in front of the kitchen will become the main living area

Top floor, kitchen, will remain the kitchen area and all of the walls surrounding it will be removed to open the space

Top floor, formal living room, will become the entrance to the house and the stairs will be moved here
Top Floor, Bedroom one, soon to be nursery
Top floor, bedroom two, soon to become a master bathroom and walk in closet
Top floor, master bedroom, remaining the master, adding a picture window on the right wall to get a view of the valley, replacing doors
Top floor, master bathroom, remain part of the master bath
Top floor, main bathroom, will be downsized and part will become the pantry

Bottom floor, living area, will stay as part of the living area, but also a laundry room and bathroom 
Bottom floor, fourth bedroom, will become a work out area, the stairs will be moved here as well
Bottom Floor, fifth bedroom, will remain a bedroom with an attached bathroom, but part will used as the main living area (not pictured is a bathroom on the left, which will become part of the main living area)
Bottom floor, laundry room, will become part of the main living area, with a new set of sliding glass doors that lead to the outdoor living room
 Bottom floor, cold storage, will become a bedroom with an attached bathroom and sliding glass doors leading to the patio.

This is obviously a huge renovation inside and out.  We hope to be completed by the end of the year, but hopefully sooner.  We are so excited to start this project and we are looking forward to sharing our progress with you.