Friday, May 20, 2011

Cute as a button.

I finally got a new clock in our room that won't keep me up at night.  Our old clock was back lit with blue light, and I had to put it face down every night to keep myself from waking up at night.  So Ryan and I picked out this cute 60's clock from etsy.  It is now featured on my, also new, night stand.  Love it all.

And there it is on my cute nightstand!  This makes me happy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It is Finished.

The chairs are back, and beautifully refinished.  We got them refinished by the same man that did our dresser, and he did them in two days!  Wow!  So we shopped around for some fabric, both high end places and low end places.  I thought we could meet in the middle, but who ever heard of cute fabric below $35 a yard?  Apparently none of the stores we found.  It was really hard to find anything we loved, and I wanted to buy it in person.  So we searched in all of the "clearance" sections at stores and turned up with this cute fabric for only $7 total!  Wowie.  When we asked about new padding for the seat, the worker asked what was there already.  I had no idea.  I was just concerned about the fabric.  They said to check it out before they cut some foam for us because there could be some good foam left over, or even horse hair.  Horse hair?  Really?  No way there was horse hair in our chairs, but low and behold.  We found digustingly old cotton and horse hair in our chairs.  Yikes!  After I was done vomiting, I got the foam, recovered the chairs and voila!  Here are our new chairs!!!  We love love love them!

Go here to see the before pictures.  Don't you just love them?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Today (yesterday) is Mudder's Day

We had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday.  I got to visit my family for the weekend, get a glorious microderm facial from my sister in law, saw "Water for Elephants," got to hear both my dad and sister speak in sacrament meeting, eat lots of Mexican food, See's candy, and Yogurt Mill.  Such a nice weekend.  I also finally made it over to West Elm in Mission Valley.  If you haven't been there yet, you must go!  It's so fun to look and get inspired about decorating.

I took some cute photos during dinner, and our family's Mother's day gifts.

This card is from my 5 year old niece Aubrey
Her name is: Nana
Her eyes are: Brown
Her hair is: Black
She is 50 years old
She weighs 19 pounds
Her job is: ?
Her favorite color is: Pink
Her favorite food is : Everything
At home she likes to: Cook
I like to Snuggle with her
My nana is special because: Sweet

This card is from my 7 year old nephew Braeden
Her name is: Nana
Her eyes are: Blue
Her hair is: Brown
She is 31 years old
She weighs 40 pounds
Her job is: Work
Her favorite color is: Brown
Her favorite food is: Potatoes
At home she likes to: Make stuff
I Like to Water with her (water plants with her)
My nana is special because: She is always excited to see me (how cute is that?)
 My brother and his wife gave an old  framed picture of my Mom reading to my brothers and sisters.  So sweet!  I love seeing these pictures of her as a young mother.  She's so beautiful.
 And this was my sister's gift to my mom, homemade butterfinger cupcakes.  They turned out so good!

Here's the cute little baker herself.
And the reason why we celebrate such a great day.  My beautiful mother.  Happy Mother's day Mom!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Many Hands.

This weekend we took part in our annual "Mormon Helping Hands" service project.  Our ward decided to clean up Irvine Regional Park and weed, cut back plants, and clean up the planters.  It wasn't too hard, and fortunately it wasn't really hot, but boy was it windy.  The winds picked up leaves, trash, tables, thick branches and everything making it hard to see and pack up all of the clippings.  But, we made it through and had a good time with friends and ward members.  It feels good to give back to our community and I hope we were able to plants some seeds in the hearts of the people that received our service.


There were many many weeds that looked like this one all of the park.  It was some serious labor.  But oh so fun.