Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twilight sleepover

Preparation for the party, this actually was after I had slept so it's coming off, but the girls loved my "Edward bite."

My cute beehives

"This one" decided to kiss the cut out every chance she got.

The biggest fan of all, she saw the movie 11 times in theaters.

"Pin the lips on Edward."

Our toilet paper mayhem

Ok so just like every twelve and thirteen year old girl in America, my beehives are OB-sessed with Twilight, seriously it's ridiculous. So we had a sleepover last night, and we started at 6:30, ate pizza, played a game. Which consisted of "pinning the lips on Edward." Yikes, these girls are ready to kiss a poster if that means being close to their dear Edward. So anyways, we had that game, took pictures with a cardboard cut-out of Edward, watched Twilight, complete with every single miniscule, useless fact about the movie, or the book. No joke, they know the chapter, the page and the paragraph where each scene is. So yeah, watched the movie, ate junk, got sick, played telephone with secrets like "edward and jacob are yummalicious." I was shocked how many ways they could use the words "sexy" and "edward" in one sentence. We toilet papered one of the young women's house, and screamed out the windows all around town :) Then we watched "Sydney White" and our sweet 2nd counselor waited on those girls hand and foot, i don't think they lifted a finger all night except to put food into their mouths. We went to bed at 1:30, woke up at 8:00, had a delicious waffle breakfast and sent them on their ways. I love those girls, but I can only handle 1 sleepover a year. I had a good time with them, I just can't get over the screaming. I'm glad I don't have teenagers right now, yikes! Hope everyone has a wonderful saturday and I'm sorry you have to endure this explosion of twilight craze.

Long Beach Grand Prix

This is what the indy cars look like

This is us in our suite, we over look the area where the cars pit. They can change tires, give and oil change, and fill up gas in 7 seconds, it's craze-o

Dario Franchitti, the winner of this years race.

Danica Patrick, she took 4th. I was pretty amazed, and happy that a girl took fourth :)

So last weekend we went to the Long Beach Toyota Grand Prix. It's every year in April for three days and it's a whole lotta cars. Not really my thing but I enjoy being into car racing every now and then. So there are all types of cars involved. There are the indy cars, which are the main event, celebrity car races, drifting, and supped up car racing, i obviously don't know all of the technical terms, but it's serious business. And we get to watch in style, in our covered area that's privately catered and everyone waits on you hand and foot, we are very spoiled people. Anyways, here are some pictures from the races, not too many because we basically get the same ones every year. But enjoy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Maui madness, and big bear fun

My first surfing lesson, fancy foam board, complete with beautiful crocs. We needed them because of the rocky beach.
I got up the first time, yeah!

My handsome husband, eating lunch in downtown Lahaina.

Crandallius, our glorious sand castle

A gift from the sun, and from my surfing lesson.

In Banyan tree park, Lahaina

Cocktail whale watching cruise. Cocktails and a two hour boat ride=crazy drunkards getting sea sick

Biking down the Haleakala mountains

Macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup, in a word, divine.

Haleakala countryside

One of the best sushi dishes i've ever eaten, splendid

Helicopter ride around Maui and Molokai

Our view from the helicopter. A must if you visit Hawaii

Me swinging on a rope through a waterfall, it was so great! This was on the road to Hana, unfortunately we had to make our Luau so we couldn't go all of the way but we stopped at some amazing places.

Our Luau

Our hotel

Playing shuffleboard on our last day

It decided to rain our last day, our reaction.

On the beach in front of our hotel

Bowling in Big bear's classy "bowling barn"

It takes real muscles to bowl

My adorable sister and her sweet baby Lanaea

Big bear lake

Our informative hike.
Cordell is a fan of caramel apples

No words

Hello my beautifully gorgeous friends and family! I'm finally updating our blog. So we headed home from Maui a week ago and arrived in LAX at 5Am, then we headed home, slept from 7Am-1Pm, then left for Big Bear and arrived at the cabin at 6Pm, yikes. then we bowled the night away and sat in a luke warm hot tub while it snowed around us. After our wonderful weekend, we had Easter sunday and this week I've been without a husband and finished a ten page paper, so for now I'm a free woman and ready for the toyota grand prix in long beach. so i've been crazy busy. Loads of pictures but I hope you enjoy. We had a wonderful beyond amazing spring break!!!!