Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dr. Justin, the new Chiropractor!

At Le Peeps, with the Fam

I wanted to also post some pictures of our recent visit to Kansas City to go to Justin's graduation at Cleveland Chiropractic College. We're so proud of him! We also have pictures of our visit to the Nauvoo temple, which will soon be posted. Congratulations Justin!


Justin said...

thanks for the congrats and the post just for me!! crazy that i'm done. i'm so glad y'all got to come out for my graduation, it was so fun.
and thanks for letting me come up to visit you and your place. it was tons of fun, and y'all are hilarious. we'll have to do it again soon. love you!

Holly & Matt said...

Caitalin! i just stumbled across your blog and i'm adding you to my list now!!!