Friday, April 17, 2009

Maui madness, and big bear fun

My first surfing lesson, fancy foam board, complete with beautiful crocs. We needed them because of the rocky beach.
I got up the first time, yeah!

My handsome husband, eating lunch in downtown Lahaina.

Crandallius, our glorious sand castle

A gift from the sun, and from my surfing lesson.

In Banyan tree park, Lahaina

Cocktail whale watching cruise. Cocktails and a two hour boat ride=crazy drunkards getting sea sick

Biking down the Haleakala mountains

Macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup, in a word, divine.

Haleakala countryside

One of the best sushi dishes i've ever eaten, splendid

Helicopter ride around Maui and Molokai

Our view from the helicopter. A must if you visit Hawaii

Me swinging on a rope through a waterfall, it was so great! This was on the road to Hana, unfortunately we had to make our Luau so we couldn't go all of the way but we stopped at some amazing places.

Our Luau

Our hotel

Playing shuffleboard on our last day

It decided to rain our last day, our reaction.

On the beach in front of our hotel

Bowling in Big bear's classy "bowling barn"

It takes real muscles to bowl

My adorable sister and her sweet baby Lanaea

Big bear lake

Our informative hike.
Cordell is a fan of caramel apples

No words

Hello my beautifully gorgeous friends and family! I'm finally updating our blog. So we headed home from Maui a week ago and arrived in LAX at 5Am, then we headed home, slept from 7Am-1Pm, then left for Big Bear and arrived at the cabin at 6Pm, yikes. then we bowled the night away and sat in a luke warm hot tub while it snowed around us. After our wonderful weekend, we had Easter sunday and this week I've been without a husband and finished a ten page paper, so for now I'm a free woman and ready for the toyota grand prix in long beach. so i've been crazy busy. Loads of pictures but I hope you enjoy. We had a wonderful beyond amazing spring break!!!!


Mike and London said...

im glad you guys had such a good time on your trip! it looks like so much fun and you look soo pretty!! hope things are going well. when is school over??

Kristine said...

that looks like a BLAST! i love all the pictures. you two are cute cute cute.

Kylie said...

LOVE the post kate!! such adorable pictures!! you two are so dang cute, it looks like you did everything there is to do in hawaii and had so much fun! it is dumping rain right now it rains SO MUCH! i started school, i love byuh so far! hope all is well for you, it is for us :) happy day!

Nebeker Family said...

I loved the pics from Hawaii and especially from Big Bear. You definitely got some Kodak moments. We just needed a picture of you guys in the warm hot tub with snow falling around you. It was good to see you today. We need to plan a Sunday dinner together sometime soon. Love you Cait!

Maggie said...

Maui is gorgeous and so are the two of you!! Your hair is KILLING me! Glad you had such a blast!