Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy ending.

So I posted just yesterday morning about our craigslist problem. But I am happy to say that all of our items were given away to one very deserving woman. In the midst of receiving calls for people to come get our stuff, I received a very anxious phone call from a woman desperate to come get our stuff. I said, I was sorry but everything had already been spoken for, she said her name was Katie and that if no one came that I'd call her and let her come get whatever was left. I took down her number, and said I would call her, not thinking I would even need to do so. But she sounded so sweet and so desperate that I felt horrible that there was nothing left to give her. So, like I said, no one showed up. So I decided yesterday after I got home that I would call Katie and see if she wanted anything that was left over. She was SO excited!!! She also said how awful it was that no one had even called me to tell me they weren't coming, but I told her I was happy they didn't so we could help her. So she came over, we put everything in her car, and she was the happiest little lady!! It felt so good to really help someone who needed it and not give our free stuff to these losers who didn't even have the decency to call us. Well it was a happy ending, and we have a de-cluttered house :)


Kylie said...

oh good so glad to hear that! what a weird situation, i'm glad lil ol lady came along too.

Michelle said...

Yeah! That's fantastic.

Justin said...

ha ha! those stupid losers!! funny story, i told bob about this right after i read it. i'm glad you found someone who was excited to have your stuff!