Saturday, October 3, 2009

"You Say It's Your Birthday/It's My Birthday Too"

The Hotel
A Birthday Girl+A German Chocolate Birthday Cake+Birthday Candles+Birthday Wishes+The Faces of the People I love = Pure Happiness

So this a post that is long over due, but I thought it's better late than never. For my birthday this year Ryan and I went to visit my family in San Diego. He surprised me by renting a hotel room at the U.S. Grant in the Gaslamp downtown, which was gorgeous of course. Saturday night we decided to go have dinner in Old Town where they have some really yummy Mexican restaurants and then we'd meet up with my family for a movie afterward. Well we get to the restaurant and the hostess says, "Oh yes, you're party has already been seated right?" I was like what, who else would be here? And then we get upstairs and there are my family and friends surprising me for a birthday dinner. It was such a surprise, i had no clue! It was such a beautiful night and we had a beautiful view, it was perfect. After we ate they brought out what I thought was going to be a little birthday sundae or something, then they hand over this 12 inch triple layer German chocolate cake that my mom bought for me. It was ah-mah-zing! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from that night, sad. Then on Labor Day, my actual birthday, we had yummy pizza and good food while the kids swam and tried to finish off the rest of the cake. I was showered with gifts, including a new camera, yeah and loads of jewlery and my most treasured, new running shoes, which were fitted professionally and feel like clouds when I run. What a wonderful birthday I had, I feel so loved!


Michelle said...

We love you. It was great having you here as always. Miss you guys.

Mike and London said...

i hope you had a great birthday!!! i just want to let you know i think you are so so pretty and so nice and just a really great person. i wish you lived closer (or more like we lived closer to you, cause then we wouldnt be in rexburg) so we could hang out.

Kylie said...

happy birthday girlie! and i LOOOOVE your hair!

Nebeker Family said...

I'm so glad you still ended up posting your birthday pictures because it makes me feel somewhat included since I'm so far away and I can't be there to actually celebrate it with you. I must say that cake did look pretty amazing. Love you Cait and I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday.

Laura Hendricks said...

yes i love birthdays! so glad it was a good one for you. how old did you turn?
keep the posts coming.

Kristine said...

sounds like a perfect birthday!
you are cute cute cute!