Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chris Botti Melts My Heart

My Mother-in-law and I went to a Valentine's concert Thursday night to see Chris Botti and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra. It was one of the best concert's I've ever been to. Chris Botti is an amazing trumpet player, and he played so many beautiful songs. I love classical and jazz music already, but seeing the orchestra and Chris Botti and his band perform live was such a wonderful experience. I loved it! This video is from a performance he did last year in Boston. Sorry for the expressions of the girl, weird, but they both play so beautifully. Enjoy!


Michelle said...

Wow. Mine, too. That was beautiful. What a fun thing to do with Debbie.
Do you remember when he was on Caroline Rhea's talk show as her side kick?
I'm listening to this right now.
I think I want a CD.

London said...

hey! we miss you guys too! how is cali?? thats so fun you got to a concert with your mom. i love doing things like that with my mom. hope all is well. love looking at your blog!