Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Do I look cold? It was 34 degrees when we arrived. freezing and windy. reminded us of rexburg.

Air Institute, amazing.

Millennium Park, "The Bean"

Flat Stanley, our travel guide.

Sear's Tower, 104 stories up.

Walking Architecture Tour

Yay! Michigan to visit my sissy!


New niece, baby Embree.

Nebeker girls. Beautiful.

Zingermann's delicious and expensive. But mostly delicious.


I bet your McDonald's doesn't have flat screens, and escalator, gelato, and modern furniture.

Passion Pit concert. Best concert. Ever.

Love Chicago, not the weather.


Nebeker Family said...

I'm so glad that you guys got to experience Chicago. I'm especially glad that it was somewhat of a short drive so I could see you guys. Thanks again so much for making the trip. It was sooooooo good to see the two of you. Thanks so much for all the calls too. It means a lot. Love you!

Kristine said...

what a fun trip!!! i've never been to chicago...looks like such a fun city to visit. that mcdonalds is killer.

John said...

how fun! i love all the pictures...thanks for posting so many, they are fun to look at! bummer about the cold.

John said...

this is laura by the way, not john

Mally J. said...

i'm 100% jealous of you.
& this whole trip.

p.s. you look seriously breathtakingly beautiful in the picture from the passion pit concert.