Friday, June 3, 2011

Gifts a plenty.

My family was sweet enough to get me some graduation gifts.  Even though them coming and having a sleep over and luncheon together was the best gift.  Here are some pics of the exciting and thoughtful things they gave me.

 My brother and his wife and family gave this adorable journal.  As I close a door on one part of my life and enter in a new one, I'm looking forward to writing about what new and exciting things that will happen.
And my parents and sister gave me these Dr. Seuss books.  A traditional graduation book, Oh the Places You'll Go (my mom also added a sweet personal message inside, something she's always done when giving a special book), and three of my other favorite Dr. Seuss books to add to my growing children's book collection.  What a sweet family I have.  They've been the best cheerleaders. 

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