Monday, June 9, 2014

Interior Plans

We just submitted our plans to the city on Friday for approval!  We should be hearing back on whether or not we need any revisions by the end of the week. If all goes well, we can then start working on our house!  We're so excited to begin! 

I would have loved to show you the original floor plans for the house, but we don't have a copy of those available right now.  So here are the new floor plans for the interior of our home.  

Top Floor

The image isn't the best quality, but you can see the overall layout of the upstairs.  Honestly, there's nothing in the home that is remaining intact, except for the general location of the kitchen, nursery and master bedroom. Some of the biggest changes that we'll be making to the top floor is the location of the front door and the stairs, as well as the second bedroom becoming our master closet and bathroom.  We are most looking forward to having an additional window in the master that looks out over the Salt Lake valley and the awesome windows on the back side of the house that overlook our creek and our mountain views.

Bottom Floor

Just like the top floor, the bottom floor is getting completely restructured.  We are no longer having the large fourth bedroom downstairs, but are now using it to be the new location of the stairs, and our exercise room.  The biggest challenge we faced with the downstairs is the location of our HVAC system. It's not directly in the middle of the home, but it might as well be.  So now we've had to work around it.  We've laid out a decent size family room (given the HVAC), two bedrooms with their own ensuite bathrooms and walk in closets. We have a designated gym area, laundry room, and guest bath.  We are looking forward to the outdoor living and dining room we'll have just off of the family room.

Our architect asked us to give him pictures of the general look we'd like for our home, and these are the pictures we sent him.  We found out we can raise our ceiling in our kitchen and living room and we are  to look like these awesome homes with the exposed trusses and beams.  We want the overall feeling of the home to be light and bright, so these pictures capture that feeling for our general home design.

We can't wait to get this project started!  Hopefully by next week we'll have a start date.  Until then...

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Debra and Joel said...

Beautiful plans!! It's gonna be a lovely home for a growing family.