Monday, July 14, 2014


Our home was built in the late 60's, and as you've seen it really hasn't been updated or had too many improvements made to it since, including the landscape. As with most neglected homes, the landscaping gets out of control and starts to overrun the home.  Our home is set up on a hill going up toward the mountainside so we are lucky to have views of both Salt Lake Valley and the mountains. Unfortunately, our trees are so overgrown that we can't see either view all that well. So now we have to go through and cut back and remove many trees.  I really hate the idea of killing so many large trees that are so mature and full, but they block our views and really hide the house making it look sad and heavy.  And to be honest, we are putting a good amount of money into this house, inside and out, and we really don't want it to be hidden. We've gone around and marked all of the trees we are removing, and we'll be having them removed by the end of the month.  Here are some pictures of all of the trees around the house, can't wait to see how much lighter the house is once they're all gone.  

***I know this is a boring post and these trees aren't too exciting to look at, but this post is more for documentation than anything else.  Feel free to wait for the "after" photos, unless you really want to look at a bunch of overgrown trees :)

And there is our dumpster in our driveway!  We started demoing today!  So happy :)

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