Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's been happening the last month?

Sweetest Baby Lanaea

Ryan and Cordell

Mama and Baby

Performing on her "stage"

At the restaurant for Eric's birthday dinner

I love all of their faces in this picture

They learn fast

Lanaea showing everyone at the table where her belly is, classy

Our gift to Michelle: a nursing cover, and a bouquet of burp clothes

So snuggly, i love it!


The new mommy

Braeden's favorite pastime, and Ryan's

Mi papa y mi nieto

So sweet!

This past month I've had A LOT of things happen, mostly to my family, but it effects me too right? So my sister, her sweet husband and darling daughter moved to Michigan for Cordell to attend Michigan state for residency and to finish specializing in dentistry. So we had them come over to our house for dinner. It was great fun! We gave them a tour of our house, bbq'd, ate some delicious dinner, went for a walk, and ate cherry cobbler, yum-yum! They moved two weeks ago and it was a very emotional goodbye :( But they are very happy and are enjoying a more relaxing environment, with a cute home and a backyard!

Also, on June 8th my baby nephew was born, yeah! His name is Davis Ryan Jesperson and he looks exactly like his older brother. He's a good little eater and is so sweet and snuggly! We went to San Diego over a week ago to go visit him and my family and had a wonderful relaxing weekend.

Now for us, Ryan coordinated a manager's conference for all of the plasma center managers and they are all here this week. So I've been helping to get things set up, and delivering food, and going to lunch and dinner which will continue through out this week. And in ten days we leave for a cruise with Ryan's family to the caribbean! Yeah I'm so excited and have been hitting the gym most everyday to be ready to live in a bathing suit for ten days :) Oh also, I've decided to get my personal training license, so I'll hopefully be certified by the end of summer! Yeah!


Laura Hendricks said...

congrats! sounds like you guys have been busy. that will be great if you get your license, that's a good job to have

Mallory. said...

yeah!!! my own personal trainer!! haha j/k. that's awesome though cait, and you should be proud of me, i've been hitting the gym A LOT lately & taking sister papworth's class. :]]

Michelle said...

Cute pictures of baby Davis!I love my nursing cover & burp cloths. We sure love you guys. Thank you for always being so sweet to my kids & for showing how much you care.

Nebeker Family said...

All of your pictures are so cute and I love the creative captions underneath them. Having dinner with you guys was so much fun I just wish that we did it more before we moved. I'm so excited about getting your license soon. That is so awesome. You'll be so good at it. Also congrats on getting into Fullerton. I just heard and I am so proud of you. I miss you Cait and the funny things you say. I was laughing out loud at the comment you left on my blog recently. Hilarious. I hope, if you guys want, that you come out and visit us while we're here. It's absolutely beautiful. But for now I'll say have a great time on your cruise. Take lots of pics! By the way, why is it when you post a comment on my blog that it says that it's from Chris? I think it's funny. Anyway, love you tons and hopefully we will see you tomorrow on skype.

Kylie said...

your hair is long and pretty!

Mike and London said...

fun pictures. i agree with kylie you hair looks amazing. where are you going on your cruise? mike and i are going on one in july. we are excited. you will have to tell us how it is.

Jessica said...

You look so natural with a baby.. :)Miss you.