Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary Ry-O

So today is our second marriage anniversary and honestly we haven't done much because we're still recovering from our awful flight home last night. So in honor of our anniversary I thought I'd list a few of the many things that I LOVE about my husband.

1. He's the friendliest person, can talk to anyone, and typically can find out the life story of a stranger in five minutes.
2. He's amazing with kids and is the best uncle in the world.
3. He's ticklish in about every spot, which makes great fun when you're bored in church.
4. He takes me to see chick flicks, and doesn't sigh when they get mushy gushy.
5. The best little dad to our dog, baby lulu.
6. Stays up late with me to watch my favorite shows even though he has an early day.
7. Loves to cook, but doesn't take over (anymore :) when i'm in the kitchen.
8. A food connoisseur, he truly enjoys food from every culture (especially korea), and treats me to amazingly delicious meals.
9. Loves his family and friends, a wonderful son and brother, and would give an arm and a leg to help them out.
10. Is spiritual, and has a deep love of the gospel and for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Just a few things that I love about my husband. Thank you for an amazing two years, I can't wait to share many more adventures with you.

Love, Cait


Kylie said...

ahh happy 2 years! wow! that's awesome!

Kristine said...

happy 2nd! you two are my favorite!

Michelle said...

Happy anniversary to you guys! I can't believe it's been two years already! I can't imagine anyone more perfect for you than Ryan. You guys are so fun & we love having him in the family.

Jane said...

happy anniversary you two! Goodness you guys look good together. I love following you on your blog. Looks like you have had a blissful 2 years. Here's for many more!

Mallory said...

aww i love ry-o!
he definitely is perfect for you.