Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Summer Vaycay

Our pods we flew to Puerto Rico in. They were so amazing, they completely reclined.


St. Lucia

The Volcano.

Sulfur smell

Sulfur enriched water, has healing powers.

Marigot Bay

Some friends we made on the ship.

Catamaran around Antigua.


St. Marten.

St. Croix

Here are some pictures of our vacation to the Caribbean. We flew into Puerto Rico, enjoyed a full day there and a tour from Ryan's brother Matt who served his mission in Puerto Rico. We got on the cruise ship that also carried 3500 other passengers. Our first full day on the ship was a sea day so we enjoyed laying out, reading books, and gossip magazines, getting sunburned, eating a fancy dinner complete with mystery theater and plenty of time to relax. Our first port day was in Barbados (where Rihanna lives, yeah!) and we had a tour around the island. The Barbadian people are amazingly nice, and very humble people. Then we finished our tour at a beach and paid for overpriced chicken strips and fries for lunch. I honestly believe that the rest of the world believes that frnech fries are the American staple, like rice is for Asia. Yikes! What fatties we must all be!

The second island was St. Lucia, and it was just absolutely tropical and gorgeous. I felt like I was in the rainforest. We took a tour around the island and drove into the mouth of a volcano, complete with the smelliest suflur hot pots. I seriously couldn't open my mouth for fear of tasting the sulfur, gross. It was pretty amazing though to actually be in the mouth of an active volcano. So very last spot we went to on the tour was Marigot Bay where the original "Doctor Dolittle" was filmed. Not that amazing, but it was still beautiful of course.

Antigua! We went on a catamaran out on the ocean and got to snorkel in their beautiful reefs. However, something out tour guides failed to mention was that we would also be privileged to swim with THOUSANDS OF JELLYFISH! No joke they were everywhere! As soon as we anchored at the sopt where we were to snorkel my brother in law looks over and says, "Um, there are hundreds of jellyfish in the water." So of course we all freak out, and freak out while we get in the water, and our tour guide nonchalantly says, "oh yeah, they sting, but you can just push them away with your hands." I was like, WHAT? They sting, but I can just push them aways, very comforting. Well the snorkeling was good, but I couldn't exactly relax while swimming through thousands of jellyfish. Anyway, we ended the trip with a visit to this amazing bay on the island, it was the most beautiful beach I'd ever been too. Just still and calm, so wonderful. Antigua was amazing.

Then we visitied St. Marten, we rode ATV's around the island and ended at a beautiful beach, with nice big waves, white sand, and turquiose water. We relaxed on the beach, ate lunch and headed back. I almost took out my mother in law on the way back, on accident of course, but it was a fun ride.

St. Croix was the last island we visited, we just wanted to end the trip relaxing on the beach. So we got on a small boat the rode us over to a small island, which cost us $4 a person to go about 50 yards both ways. What a rip off. Then we arrived and they said each chair and umbrella would cost us $5 to rent. I swear they would charge for oxygen if they could. We rented a kayak and paddled around the little island, going in and out of the sailboats. It was really fun! We ended up at a local restaurant and had amazing beans and rice with chicken, and Ryan decided to get crazy and ate goat. Which wasn't too different than lamb.

So we had an amazing time on the ship, saw lots of shows, ate amazing meals, and desert practically at every meal, and watched lots of people make fools of themselves at the karaoke lounge. I wasn't brave enough to do it myself unfortunately.

So that was our trip in a nutshell! We loved it, and were very lucky to go on it.


kylie said...

a random cruise, lucky you guys! geesh fun fun.

Mike and London said...

sounds like you guys had a great time! cruises are so fun and quite relaxing. I love the towel animals..we got those too!! i made mike take a picture of me with them every night. haha we miss you guys!!!! hope all is well. have a great summer!

Nebeker Family said...

It looks like you all had such a great time. Even when it looked as though you had just come out of swimming in the ocean you look so good. Unlike when I come out. Love you Cait. I miss you. We need to talk soon.

Jessica said...

How fun! you look absolutely beautiful as always. And for the record, french fries are my staple food. Yumm...

Laura Hendricks said...

wow that looks like so much fun. hhmm. i am thinking about saving up for a cruise now. :) post soon.

shauna.m. said...

rhis looks so fun i am sooo jealous!! now that we are both in california lets play! i am in school alll day every day but lets digure something out!!