Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend we hung out with the Chippings.  We got breakfast in the morning, then Ryan and I headed to the Salvation Army to do some thrifting and found these new beauties that we're going to fix up.

Then we drove out to Irvine to Tanaka farms for some fresh "U Pick" produce.  We decided not to do this tour, but we will definitely do it this Spring.  These are the fresh berries we picked up from there.

We got back to the Chipper's and each took a turn banging out on Em's new drums, picked up their power sander to sand down our new chairs and headed home.  

Then I made some delicious G free peanut butter cookies, recipe found here.

And we then went to a fancy schmancy wedding reception for a family friend.  Wonderful Saturday!

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