Thursday, May 19, 2011

It is Finished.

The chairs are back, and beautifully refinished.  We got them refinished by the same man that did our dresser, and he did them in two days!  Wow!  So we shopped around for some fabric, both high end places and low end places.  I thought we could meet in the middle, but who ever heard of cute fabric below $35 a yard?  Apparently none of the stores we found.  It was really hard to find anything we loved, and I wanted to buy it in person.  So we searched in all of the "clearance" sections at stores and turned up with this cute fabric for only $7 total!  Wowie.  When we asked about new padding for the seat, the worker asked what was there already.  I had no idea.  I was just concerned about the fabric.  They said to check it out before they cut some foam for us because there could be some good foam left over, or even horse hair.  Horse hair?  Really?  No way there was horse hair in our chairs, but low and behold.  We found digustingly old cotton and horse hair in our chairs.  Yikes!  After I was done vomiting, I got the foam, recovered the chairs and voila!  Here are our new chairs!!!  We love love love them!

Go here to see the before pictures.  Don't you just love them?


Kristine said...

the chairs look Awesome! nice work!!

Jane said...

i LOVE them. great fabric choice.

Laura Hendricks said...

the chairs look amazing!!