Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fashion Bug

I've had the shopping/fashion bug lately and have spent more money on shopping this month than I can ever remember.  Yikes.  Definitely not good for our credit card statement.  I took advantage of my graduation as well as the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.  Have you checked it out yet?  It's my favorite sale of the year!  I don't stock up on lots of items, but I do get a few fall essentials. 

These boots are my favorite finds this year.  I'm in love with them. 

And check out my awesome graduation gift from Ryan!  It's so shiny and pretty and I can't stop staring at it.  Can you see a theme in my choices?  I guess I'll be wearing a lot of blue this fall.  I also got some great sunglasses, red jeans, and few others that I maybe won't share (I'm feeling really guilty about all of my purchases this month).  What's on your fall shopping list?

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