Friday, July 22, 2011


I've been soooo busy lately.  Sorry friends and family for not updating my blog in forever.  I haven't had too much down time and the time I did have I was taking a breather from our busy weeks (and maybe reading a lot of Harry Potter in prep for the last movie).  So lately we've been:

-going to Angel's games
-having piano lessons
-visiting with family
-lunching with friends
-laying by the pool
-Harry Potter movie marathons
-celebrating our anniversary
-having fun in Palm Springs
-outlet shopping in Cabazon
-sewing lessons

Next up is a week in San Diego with my sister, and her kids, and all of the nieces and nephews.  Then on to Lake Powell.  Loving the summer and finally having a real tan.  Here are some pics from our adventures this month.  I hope your July has been as wonderful as ours!

 Angel game with the Family

Our private patio bathtub at our Palm Springs hotel

 Peewee's Big Adventure!

Then tomorrow we'll be at the pool and our Stake Pioneer Day celebration/parade.  More pictures to come!


Michelle said...

Busy, busy:). I wish I had time for sewing lessons. I'm jealous.
We have been SO busy, too. I have been terrible at taking pictures but we've had an amazing summer so far. Looking forward to seeing you!

London said...

looks like you guys are having a fun summer so far! that is awesome that you are taking piano and sewing lessons! i took a sewing class up at byu-idaho but i wish i could take another, just don't know where.