Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lake Powell

This Lake is so beautiful.  I wish I could go there several times a year to see it during every season.  We had a wonderful time with Ryan's family and friends.  We did the usual wake boarding, tubing, trip to Rainbow bridge and "Hole in the Rock" and semi-regular ice cream stops at Dangling Rope.  And I came home with a nice little town.  Now Ryan calls me a "brown bear" instead of a "fair bear."  Not sure how I got those nicknames.

 Endless rocks were thrown into the lake by our nephew.

 Rainbow Bridge

Kids can fall asleep anywhere.

 That's Ryan's nephew on the rock trying to fish with a gatorade bottle cap, rope, a stick, and some bread.  I couldn't zoom in close enough to get him better we got some great shots of him.


London said...

i love love love lake powell. so fun! sounds like you guys had a fun summer!

Jane said...

SO beautiful!!!! I want to go to Powell! I've never been and people rave. After those pictures I am determined to make it apart of summer 12!