Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Tops

These are my five favorite things right now.  I have to share them because I'm hoping to make them your favorite things too :)

1. "Downton Abbey."  My favorite thing by far, this Masterpiece Theater mini series is so amazing.  I feel like I'm watching a movie with every episode.  They just put the first season on Netflix and Hulu Plus, and the second is online (with no commercials, amazing).
2. My local Orange library, and the Southern California digital library.  I've found so many great books and so many books that I can send straight to my kindle.  Awesome.
3. My new Baggu reusable tote.  It's so big, but wraps up so small, and the print just makes me happy.
4. Ryan surprising me with a home cooked meal when I get home from work.  He knocks my socks off.
5. Getting the employee discount for Nike.  My boss hooked me up and now I got some more sweet running gear.  I just wish I could afford this super cute jacket.  I am loving coral* like crazy right now.

Have any favorites you'd like to share with me?

*Wasn't Michelle William's dress adorable?  And that color!


Jane said...

great tops! I can say a definite ditto to number 1! And also number 5 (cousin has a employee discount). I love Baggu too!

London said...

I hear downtown abbey is a great show..all my aunts were talking about it last time I saw them..I need to watch it! Love all your favorite tops too! Miss you!

Lisa Fly Rondo said...

oh my gosh caitlin where do you find downton abbey online, i have had no luck. ive only seen first 7 episoes, season 1. help!!