Monday, June 2, 2014

House Plans

 After our architect went through our house and drew up the original plans for the house he asked us what we wanted our home to look like both exterior and interior.  We really wanted to embrace the style of the home, with it's shed roof and large windows, so here are the pictures that we sent him.

And here is what he came up with.  We are beyond excited!  It's difficult to tell from the images (since they are in black and white), but we are still keeping most of the exterior of the house in wood (as seen by the lines that run across the home), and the rest of the home will have a smooth stucco finish, with a somewhat "concrete" look.  We are so happy with the renderings, and hope that it looks even better when it's all finished.

The top drawing is of the backside of the house, with it's upper deck and lower outdoor living area.  The bottom drawing is of the front of the home, you can see that the entrance of the home as been moved to the left of the front windows, as opposed to it originally being on the right of the windows.

Next Monday I'll show you our inspiration for the interior space and the new floor plans.  Have a great week!


Haley said...

This is amazing! When I looked at the very first picture on this post I actually thought it was a drawing of your new house plans, it looks so much like the actual house to me! This is going to be amazing! Keep the pictures coming!

Topsy and Havoc said...

Beautiful! I love the style. I had no idea you guys moved to SLC! How exciting, we'd love to see you guys sometime.

Michael Braman said...

So nuts! This plans look amazing. Nice work.

sonia said...

I thought the same thing that Haley said! I was like wait did they already got it done!! Lol