Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kitchen Inspiration

So our plans were approved with no revisions!  We just have to submit the name of our contractor to the city and we can begin!  Exciting!  Now for our kitchen inspirations...

We really love modern kitchens, but ones that still feel comfortable, practical and warm.

Here is a close up shot of our kitchen layout, sorry for the poor quality.

We unfortunately don't have a rendering of the kitchen, so it's hard to imagine how those pillars are going to look, but we definitely know they'll turn out nice.

Here are some pictures we are looking to for our kitchen design.

Light and bright

White fireclay sink, feels more stylish than a stainless steel

We love those waterfall countertops!

As you can tell from the images, we really like a light and bright kitchen.  We are planning to go with a quartz countertop in white with honey colored maple cabinets and hopefully matte brass fixtures.  The kitchen is probably the most put together room for us so far because we've been saving pictures away for our "dream kitchen" for ages. 

We still don't have a start date for our home, but we're still hoping to get started before the month is over.  We'll keep you updated!

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Haley said...

Love these! The fifth one down with the floating shelves reminds me of your Tustin house!