Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Husband!

Remove Formatting from selectionRyan is turning the big 26 tomorrow, and since we'll be celebrating in L.A. all weekend, I just wanted to dedicate an early post to him. My wonderful husband works so hard everyday, and enjoys being with his family, watching seinfeld, surfing the internet (mostly on ebay), taking our little lulu to the dog park/beach, and lately being a connoisseur of sushi. He's adorable and I love every silly quirk and characteristic about him! Here are some pictures of him and us from the past few years.

Formal night on our honeymoon cruise

Snowmobiling in Yellowstone

Photo shot somewhere in idaho, courtesy of Oto

The ruins in Cancun

Our donkey ride up the hill to Santorini

Feeding Venetian pigeons

Our beautiful wedding day

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Happy Birthday Crandallion!


Mallory said...

i'm glad ryan was he could take caitlin off our hands :]] haha j/k.

but seriously....HAPPY BIRFDAY RYAN!!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Ryan!!! Very good post Cait. What are you guys going to be doing up in LA? You Crandalls & your extravagant birthday celebrations. I don't know how you ever top each one. You guys are awesome, and I honostly couldn't imagine anyone more perfect for you Caitlin. Happy birthday Ryan!

Jessica said...

Umm hello! last time I talked to you, you said you didnt have a blog! but i am glad you do, and now I am adding you to mine. you look beautiful as always.

Kylie said...

cute pictures! love this post :) we have lots of posts that explain our life as of yet if you're interested. we did a LOT of traveling and had amazing adventures!