Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LA Madness.Birthday Fun

To begin this blog, I want everyone to brace themselves because there are just too many photos for one blog and it's quite overwhelming, haha. We spent Ryan's 26th birthday in LA for about 3 days. We ate at amaaaaaazing restaurants, stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, took a tour at Warner Brothers studios (filled with fantastic movie and television excitement), went to the Lakers' game, downed an amazing breakfast, and finished off with a little celebrity star map fun.
25 degrees grilled cheese and tomato soup (killer burger place inside our hotel)

Ryan's burger, and what's left of the fries and onion rings

Our hotel room, the size was reminiscent of a February trip to New York

Birthday Gifts

Warner Brother's tour. We began at their WB museum, complete with costumes and memorabilia since its opening (1929). The museum also had one floor devoted to Harry Potter, we both got sorted with one of the actual sorting hats from the movie. Ryan is in Hufflepuff and I am in Gryffindor. Then we toured actual sets, saw where they were filming ER that day, and loads of other things. I'm in front of the "Gilmore Girls" home in this photo.

Spiderman set, the alley in the back of the picture is from the upside down Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst kiss.

The Tumbler

The set of "Friends," which is the only preserved tv show set at the studio.

On the "Friends" couch!!!


Sprinkles cupcakes. For ryan's birthday cake we decided to purchase cupcakes. This was the first time we'd tried sprinkles, and I know many people are big fans, but we were not impressed. We also spent 20 minutes waiting in line for these, yikes!

"Birthday cake"

The Lakers' game

Horrid picture of me, but i love ryan's expression, he was totally caught off guard. This was us waiting to see who would finally win. Wonderful game! Too bad for the Lakers.

traditional birthday signs

The griddle cafe's version of egg's benedict.


the best french toast in the world!!! and we even got to see Hillary Swank!

Star mapping it up. We would have more pictures of the celebrity homes, unfortunately they are either covered by a giant wall, as seen with the olsen twin's home, a giant gate, they have a ridiculously long driveway, or live on a private road. So basically you would be seeing pictures of walls and or gates.

Mary-kate and Ashley's home!

Family birthday cake


Work birthday cake

A wonderful 26 year old man!


Holly & Matt said...

I wanna sit on the friend's couch!!!

Michelle said...

How fun. You guys are adorable. Happy birthday again to Ryan. Is that your condo in the family birthday cake pictures? We really need to come up & see it still. I love your birthday signs. Especially the "I'm bored" one. Oh, and Meghan took us to the Griddle Cafe place once. Fun.

Jessica said...

yum, I want the french toast.

Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

Oh I'm glad I found your blog!!!
I'm looking forward to stalking you two from here on out! :)
Hope all is well!