Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eats and New Wheels

Ryan and I went to Orange's "Eat's in the Streets" on Friday night.  We actually didn't know about it until the day of when Ryan drove by and said: "There's something going on at the Orange mall.  Look it up."  We had no idea how big it was going to be, or how BIG the lines were going to be.  We showed up to 25 food trucks, and each one had at least a 20-30 minute wait.  So after wasting 30 minutes at a truck that didn't have what we wanted when we got up to ordered (we were also trying to make a movie in 30 minutes, ha), we moved over to a smaller line but with good lookin' sea food.  And we were happy with our choice, and unfortunately we had to sit in the front row of the movie, but it turned out ok.  Here are a few shots.  I would have taken a few happier shots with us having a good time, but we were frantic to get food and once we got it we were shoveling it in :)

 The menu from the truck we ordered from.
 Anxiously waiting...
 And behold...a spam and fish taco.  Sounds crazy, but it was really good.  It was my first time trying SPAM and it wasn't too bad, but I don't think I'd eat it again unless it was in an amazing taco like this.

 "Lobsticle" new bike.  Ryan bought me a "new" bike this weekend.  It's a vintage 1950's Firestone beach cruiser.  We spent Saturday buying new tires, and getting off lots of rust and dirt.  She's a bit rusty, but I'm excited to get it all fixed up.

 And there she is with new tires.  What a cutie!


Jane said...

Well fun!!!!! I love city events like that. And food trucks. so brilliant.
Cool new bike too lucky girl!

Barbara said...

That's an awesome bike.

London said...

Love your bike!!!