Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Project

I'm  a huge fan of the show "Secrets from a Stylist" on HGTV.  And I follow the host, Emily's, blog as well.  She shows pictures from the rooms she's made over before they air on TV, so I like to get a sneak peek.  Recently, she posted some pictures from her latest makeover, and her design assistants DIY chandy.  AND...on his blog he posted how to make it.  I'm determined to make this chandelier and put it in our dining room.  It doesn't require too many materials or too much skill, so with Ryan's help I think I can do it!  Hopefully I can get a jump on it this weekend.

He does a step-by-step drawing to show you how its done.  Here's the final drawing of what the chandelier is supposed to look like.

This is the room I want it to go in.  It would like soooo great, right?

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