Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween

Crandall style. We decided to be lumber jacks this year. I was inspired when I saw my beautiful flannel dress in a thrift shop. We pulled this look together for only $20. Complete with matching felt beards. We didn't hit any parties except for our ward's and my parents trunk or treat. And sadly we didn't get one trick or treater last night. But we had fun eating in-n-out, eating Halloween candy and watching "the dark night." It was a good weekend.


London said...

cute costumes!!!! we miss you guys!!

Michelle said...

You're so cute with your manly beard!
I love that you have pictures of Davis & Braeden on here, too. It was good to see you that night.
Oh, and I didn't think your house could look any more amazing, but it does. I love the new rug. And what a great idea to use books as a side table.
Love you

Topsy said...

i miss you in the blog world!