Monday, October 31, 2011

Home Update

Updated a few things around the house.  I added a few new things, namely this cute inexpensive rug from  West Elm.  We were also in Little Italy in San Diego recently eating some delicious food and shopping in some cute home furnishing stores.  We stopped into Mixture, and found some cute pieces.  I love them.  And with the new rug, our room feels lighter and bigger.

 Our Living Area
 I moved this from my bedroom to the living room.  Now we have a place to hide our remotes.  Yesssss.
 From Mixture
 The rug from West Elm
 From Mixture

 I've been wanting to buy a cute occasional table to put between these two chairs, but I thought these books will do for now.  Try it in your home.

These are my next purchase.  Thoughts?
 This coffee table?
Or this coffee go with...
this media stand?

Suggestions are happily welcomed.

1 comment:

Jane said...

well how bout i come and sit and that room and we catch up. i love your space. it looks perfect.