Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Park City, UT.  Ryan and I are here with his parents for our annual ski trip.  It was such beautiful weather this morning, and we feel like we have the mountain to ourselves.  Hope you had someone to share this cheesy but sweet holiday with.

And to make you smile, I added this adorable video of my Grandparents who were sweethearts for close to 70 years and danced with each other for all of them. I love them dearly.  Happy Valentine's!


Dan, Justyn, and Noah said...

so cute, thank you for that video

London said...

so many new blog posts! thanks for keeping us updated on you guys. we miss you!! im glad you guys had a good valentines day!

Michelle said...

I remember that video. Thank you for posting it. I loved watching them dance at all of the weddings & ALWAYS be the last couple dancing because they were married the longest. I miss seeing them together, holding hands & him teasing her all the time.
Love you Cait.