Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Das is good

We ate ours too fast to take a picture, so this is a picture from the internet to give you an idea

I look extremely Asian in this picture, but that's ok, just embracing my adopted roots
and this is me flying away with some balloons we picked up for a church activity. just thought I'd throw it in there

Ryan and I had a breakfast date at Jagerhaus, a 27 year old German restaurant. We were supposed to go here for Ryan's birthday breakfast, but we ended up not going. Ryan's a huge fan of German pancakes. If you haven't had a German pancake, they're like an eggy crepe-ish pancake in the center and then out toward the edges it's like a souffle. We split the pancake and some eggs, potatoes, and bacon, and tried some of their homemade plum jam. Delicious.

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