Saturday, February 26, 2011

What are you doing this weekend? Nothing...just composting.

Ryan bought us a "Vermihut" composter for Valentine's day.  We're going to use of all of the compost for our plants and our soon to debut small patio garden.  We finally got our 2 lbs. of worms in the mail, all 2,000 of them and we got it all set up on Thursday night.  Here's some shots of Ryan mixing in the newspaper, egg shells, worms, and food scraps.

   They say by having a composter you can recude your household waste by 30%, we're hoping to do that with our new "Vermihut."


Mallory J. said...

that's really gross.
haha. but looks fun!

Justin said...

ha ha! lulu looks hilarious - she either wants to eat it... or stand by, proud to help with the composting.
looks like a lot of nasty work, for what? good soil? i need to google your vermihut (unless that is just what you named it, cause it sounds like a good funny name by you)