Monday, April 4, 2011

The Great Toe

Last night after watching conference and eating dinner I decided to make some G free cinnamon bread.  So I was at my in laws in their kitchen downstairs, while everyone was watching a movie upstairs (Ryan, his Mom and Dad).  I took out the bread, and wanted to let it cool, so I picked up my ceramic baking pan, flipped it over and the bread came out, when I flipped the pan back over I lost my grip.  The pan fell on the counter breaking, and then fell to the ground, cutting my big toe on the way down.  So I had to go to the ER last night to get 4 stitches, my very first set.  Not horrible, but very unfortunate, seeing as how painful and expensive the whole thing was.  But now I'm home today from work, keeping lots of gauze around my toe, and keeping my feet up.  I have to keep the gauze on for 24 hours, and then I can remove the stitches in a week.  Next post will be the actual toe picture with stitches and all.
Giant gauzy toe.

And this is what I've been doing all day.  Reading blogs, having lunch with Ryan, watching parks and recs, and trying to make more plans for decorating my house.

Thanks for bringing me lunch and taking care of me Ryo Crandall.  You're the best husband.  Really, the best.


Kristine said...

OUCH! that sounds painful. and a trip to the ER. yuck!

a day off to watch tv and look at blogs and books...not so bad!

Jane said...

jeeeez. not good at all. you sound so brave about it all. glad you have a husband to take care. and cute shoes too!

Michelle said...

Ouch! Feel better!