Sunday, April 17, 2011


This weekend, Ryan and his dad are going to all three days of the Long Beach Grand Prix.  So yesterday, my mother in law invited me to tag along with some ladies from her ward.  We went to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, and got a guided tour from a sister that was an Art History teacher at CSUF for 20 years.  It was an awesome experience to get so many insights and background behind Western art from the the 15th-17th centuries.  There's sooo much to know about art, and Cathy was a powerhouse of knowledge making it such an interesting tour.  No pictures from any of that, but here are some pictures from our dinner last night in Old Orange with Ryan's parents.  Cafe Lucca, delicious.  Even more delicious was their Toasted Almond gelato.

 I'm unfortunately am not looking too good here, I've been sick with a cold since Tuesday.  And it won't go away!
Go to the Norton Simon Museum or Cafe Lucca, and call me if you need a buddy.


The Georges said...

I wish I lived in California...I would go on museum dates with you all the time!!! And honestly, is there anything in this world better than some good gelato?? Glad you had a fun weekend! I miss you!

Kristine said...

lets go together!! sounds so fun.
..and that food looks good!

we need hang out!

Mallory J. said...

i win @ being sick right now! i have puss pockets all along my throat! boo yah! haha. all that food looks delish!