Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When it rains.

I'm having a huge streak of bad luck.

1. slice open my toe and need four stitches*
2. currently have had a major cold for a week (and counting)
2. ate a tootsie pop and cracked my crown*

I'm sure it's a lesson in patience in faith but I'm having a real BAD month.  I'm not looking for pity, just want to let out the bad so the good will come.  Next month can't come quick enough.  Trying to stay positive.

*these are/were awful and awfully expensive.


Kristine said...

complain all you want! sounds terrible.

hope things are good..starting Now!

Laura Hendricks said...

yikes. that does sound like a horrible month. and expensive medical bills are just as painful as any injury! hate that.

Jane said...

that's awful! sorry that it's expensive too. hope things start looking up soon!

Michelle said...

I hope things are starting to get better! I hate How that happens. :(
Thank You for my sweet birthday card and gift inside. You are always so thoughtful.
Oh, and Happy Easter!:)