Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today's Project

I've been looking at a lot of home design blogs like this one here, called Sixth Street Design School.  With my new inspiration, today I decided to move this book shelf from our living room into our dining room and lay it on it's side.
Here's the before picture of our space:
And here's the after:

Voila! I have a brand new sideboard.  I have all of my serving dishes and lots of other things from around the house displayed on my new sideboard.

 That little rabbit on the left is a gift from our dear friend's The Hendricks.  Isn't he cute?

Also, a few weeks back I acquired this little vanity off craigslist, sanded it and set it up in my dining room as makeshift sideboard as well.

So now I just needed to buy some drapes, and I can call my dining room "finished."  Any suggestions on drapes would also be much appreciated.


Laura Hendricks said...

beautiful! and i'm so glad you guys got the painting! john and i both wanted that specific one to go to you.
very pretty house

Jane said...

GREAT job. that looks fantastic. you've got great taste and incredible pieces.

Kristine said...

i loooove it! so cute! i really love the side board and those mirrors! great job. show me the rest of your house!!

Change Relationship said...

I like the design! So perfect to your place. Thanks for sharing it.

Meghan Nebeker said...

So cute Cait! You're house is coming together beautifully. Great job! Love and miss you tons!

Dan, Justyn, and Noah said...

Too cute, love it

Ryan said...
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