Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall decor and Fall Weather

I don't decorate for fall too much around the house, because it's just Ryan and I and we don't have babies around that get excited by looking at Halloween decorations.  And, to be honest, I only like Halloween decorations for Halloween parties, and then I can get crazy on the decorations.  But I put up some fall decor a few weeks ago to get us into the new season.  And finally the weather decided to cooperate as well.  We have lots of rain this week!  I love wearing scarves and warm sweaters, and boots.  (Side note: I thought it was getting cold enough to wear a jacket and scarf this weekend, so I threw them both on Saturday night.  Ryan and I went out for a bite to eat and I walk in to the restaurant seeing girls in tank tops.  They probably thought I was cuckoo.  I always feel silly when that happens.  No, I'm not actually cold, I'm just trying to imagine it's fall in Orange County, ok?)  Here are some things around the house.  Happy Fall!

Now, I'm off to make more pumpkin bread.

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Jenna Masters said...

Caitlin, you have the cutest style; clothes and decor. keep rocking the scarves and boots and just be happy it's not actually freezing like it is up here :) You guys are the cutest couple, i love looking at your blog!