Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A "Cool" Weekend in San Diego

We went for a visit to see the fam this weekend.  And we were able to spend time watching the NCAA tournament games, comparing brackets (I'm a close second), watching my nephew play t-ball, furniture shopping, eating chipotle, then eating thai, making lentil soup, baking bread, and eating Reese's eggs :)

Check out the cutest little 6 year old baseball star.

 Can't beat that smile, as he runs across home plate.

 Snack bar food always tastes better when watching a game.

 Braeden's adoring fans.
 Thai taste.  True story:  this restaurant had a tv on to the right of us, and it started out playing ET, and after we ordered it quickly switched to open surgery!  Blood and guts everywhere.  We had to ask them to change it. 
 Sunday night entertainment.  Songs and funny faces.

 Then it just got wild.  As seen here.
 And here.
And here.

And the weekend ended with strong winds, a down pour of rain, and a long drive home in crazy weather and multiple accidents along the way.  But we made it home safe.  Awesome weekend.

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Michelle said...

Love it!!! Great pictures Cait & Ry-O! It's funny that you sent me that text cause I checked this morning to see if you had posted them yet!
It was fun to see you guys.