Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fit For a Queen

Sunday my sisters threw a party for my Mom's birthday that was fit for a queen.  They did a great job decorating with lots of her favorite photos and memories.  We had a great Italian dinner with delicious lasagna and homemade rosemary bread, which I was told all tasted amazing.

 And...they made my madre's favorite dessert: German chocolate cake.
 They can hardly wait for the cake

 And the night ended with free adjustments from my brother Justin.  So nice having so many chiropractors in the family.  He's laughing and enjoying it I promise!


Michelle said...

Great pictures again! It was a lovely party, and even better that you guys were able to come down. Love you Crandallions!

Kristine said...

what a darling party! i bet your mom felt so special! i like the frames with old picturs...so cute.