Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Japan

"Dear Japan,
We'll miss you people.  The great wave won't bother you at all." 

This is a letter that my 6 year old nephew wrote to Japan recently.  He has the biggest and sweetest heart, and now hopes to go to Japan on his mission.

I am so saddened by the destruction that the tsunami has brought upon Japan.  I hope families can be reunited and comforted, and the country can recover quickly from this tragedy. 

Here's also a link to the New York Times website that shows some aerial before and after shots from different cities in Japan (I stole it from my friend's blog).  You'll be shocked by how much was destroyed.  You're in our hearts Japan. 


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Michelle said...

Wow! Those aerial shots are crazy.
And I think it's sweet that you posted this letter. Braeden has been very concerned about the people in Japan & we have had lots of talks. Aubrey has as well & has suggested many times that we say prayers for them, so we have been.