Thursday, March 24, 2011

The G Free Diet

Since being on a G free diet, I've been trying to do lots of research into Celiac Disease.  It's a very serious disease because of the untreated conditions it causes, and a very serious lifestyle change.  I've been cleaning out my pantry, my fridge and my kitchen, trying to rid our house of any stray gluten particles that could be transferred to my food.  And I've been filling up my house will my own gluten free foods and treats that are delicious and full of fiber.

Like I said before, I haven't been diagnosed with CD, but if I'm going to try living gluten free I'm going all out.  The most helpful tool I've discovered in this diet transformation has been Elisabeth Hasselbeck's book,  The G Free Diet.  She goes into detail about the disease, it's symptoms and conditions associated with it, how to recognize all forms of gluten, how to live a normal life G free (and stick to it) without feeling overwhelmed, and more importantly, how to help your child with CD.

If you know anyone that thinks they might have CD, or is interested in removing gluten from their diet, I'd highly recommend this book to help them get familiar with it and how to start a G free lifestyle.  And it's so easy to read!

Also, have you had a Larabar?  How delicious and healthy are they?  They are one of my new favorite G free foods.  Yum!

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STAYC said...

Caitlin I have had alot of problems over the past couple of years so I recently started a gluten-free diet last month myself. I have felt so much better! Its fun and interesting to change everything out but so far it is going well! I'd love for you to post any fun recipes you find! Thanks for sharing info on Elisabeth Hasselbeck's book! Good luck!