Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pure Pain

My friend Kelly invited me to start taking some workout classes with her at this new studio called Pure Barre (it's a franchise, so look it up to see if there's one in your area).  Let me tell you, it's a painful but rewarding workout.  They use only a few pieces of equipment, a small ball, hand weights, a rubber tube and a ballet bar.  I've only been to two classes, and they focus a lot on your core and your "seat" (they use this work instead of bum).  You make these tiny little movements, and isometric holds, and you wouldn't think they would kill you, but your body is on fire during the class.  I find myself having to close my eyes to get through the pain.

I'm excited to keep going and see the improvements in my body and also in my running.  Kelly said this is what helped her get rid of her IT Band Syndrome, so I'm excited to see if it will help mine.  I'm feelin' the burn!

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