Monday, March 28, 2011

Killer Boots

Over the weekend Ryan and I headed out with the Chipper's (Oliver and Emily) and headed for lunch at Rutabegorz in old Orange.  Then we hit the Vans outlet to scope out some new shoes.  Why has it taken me 3 years to go to the outlet that is just 5 minutes from my house?  Probably because I'd be coming back with loads of shoes.  I found these awesome shoes and now I'm in love.  Why did it take me 23 years to buy a pair of high tops?  They're awesome.

Thank you Vans for having an outlet store, and for letting me buy two pairs of shoes without making me go broke.
I realize that within the last week I've posted twice about new shoes, I swear it's a fluke.


Mallory J. said...

umm can i go there with you the next time i'm visiting?! pleaseeee.

i love them.

Jane said...

i love high tops so much. those are great ones. not too bulky and clunky, very wearable and somehow feminine! good job.

Vans Sale said...

I love those high Vans sneakers, where can I get those?